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Most interesting were the reactions to the partner.

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Another problem is that the experiment used an artificial task to measure conformity - judging line lengths. With one other person i.

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As might be expected, an individual's resistance to group pressure in these experiments depends to a considerable degree on how wrong the majority is. The participants were asked a series of simple questions and were expected to answer them aloud. Effects of group pressure upon the modification and distortion of judgment. When Asch added different variables to the experiment adding a partner with subject it was clear that the subject does feel the need to switch to the majority due to the feeling of being judged. Democracy is a system of government where decisions are arrived at by majoritarian principles with representatives elected at periodic elections where political equality and political freedom allow the voter an effective choice between competing candidates in a secret ballot. Pittsburgh, PA: Carnegie Press. Groups in harmony and tension. On the other hand the participants surrounded by the people giving wrong answers, invariably gave more wrong answers. To protect the anonymity of contributors, we've removed their names and personal information from the essays. The performances of individuals in this experiment tend to be highly consistent. Note In the s, the social psychologist Solomon Asch conducted a famous experiment that highlighted the fragility of the person in a mass society when he is confronted with the contrary opinion of a majority, and the tendency to conform even if this means to go against the person's basic perceptions. Conclusion Why did the participants conform so readily?

Asch also added a partner later in the experiment to see if that would change the results. In America, peer pressure is not a new issue that our society is facing, as it has been around for decades.

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The most significant fact about them was not absence of responsiveness to the majority but a capacity to recover from doubt and to re-establish their equilibrium. Sociometry, We all know what it feels like to be pressured by a peer.

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