A description of sudan a country in africa

It also granted southern Sudan semiautonomous status and stipulated that a referendum on independence for the south would be held in six years. Many observers feared that Bashir would respond to the charges with further violence.

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On the other hand, Sudan faces a number of environmental challenges related to climate change, desertification and recurrent droughts and floods. It was the first time the court has charged a person with genocide.

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Sennacherib's successor Esarhaddon went further, and invaded Egypt itself, deposing Taharqa and driving the Nubians from Egypt entirely. Geography and Climate of Sudan Sudan is a large country with a total land area ofsquare miles 2, sq km. Problems of irrigation and transportation remain the greatest constraints to a more dynamic agricultural economy.

Mohy el Din Sabr Jay L. These Arab militias, believed to have been armed by the government, have killed betweenandcivilians and displaced more than 1 million.

Sudan's President Omar al-Bashir's austerity measures led to the doubling of prices on cooking oil and gas—and the worst riots in decades.

A description of sudan a country in africa

A fragile peace deal in May was signed between the Sudanese government and the main Darfur rebel group; two smaller rebel groups, however, refused to sign.

On January 1,Sudan gained full independence. Initially, the term "Sudanese" had a negative connotation in Sudan due to its association with black African slaves.

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It is part of the largest urban area in Sudan and is a centre of commerce as well as of government. The expected and mean years of schooling is 7. In line, with the stipulations of the CPA, a referendum took place in Southern Sudan on January , , on whether the region should remain as part of Sudan or become independent. Gender equality is one of the priority issues for development in Sudan. Tension between the two nations peaked in early as the economies in both countries continued to shrink and a food crisis intensified in the south, emphasizing the need for oil revenues. President Bashir has vowed to honor the results of the vote. Afterwards the Makurian king and the Arabs agreed on a unique non-aggression pact that also included an annual exchange of gifts , thus acknowledging Makuria's independence. However, even as South Sudan celebrated its independence, Abyei's uncertainty was only one obstacle that awaits the fledgling state. A referendum on Southern independence is scheduled for January

Historic Vote in Southern Sudan In a historic seven-day secessionist referendum that began in southern Sudan on January 9, ,

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