A discussion on the local and nationwide causes and effects of obesity in our modern society

3 main causes of obesity

Gebremariam, M. Similar to cancer, understanding the role of bariatric surgery in inducing diabetes remission is yet another presently underdeveloped subfield. Productivity costs In addition to direct medical costs of obesity, a number of more indirect costs are part of the overall economic impact of obesity. Hosking, D. Panaro, R. Jacobson and King 38 use a mathematical model to estimate the additional annual fuel consumption by noncommercial passenger highway travel in the US that is associated with overweight and obesity to be approximately one billion gal. This is usually done by calculating the level of compensation for the relevant workers either from survey data or BLS averages.

Stoner, K. Ricci and Chee use the Caremark American Productivity Audit, a phone interview that included several questions regarding health-related reduced work performance.

causes of obesity in america

In addition, knowledge of the progress that has been made in achieving safe and efficacious outcomes in bariatric surgery is not widely known by the nonsurgical medical community. Beamish, E. Cone, K. Niemeier, and R. Shaw, G.

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In an article from Medical Economics, Dr. Surgery for Obesity and Related Diseases 13 3 These examples illustrate the substantial differences found across studies that provide disaggregated estimates for direct and indirect costs of obesity, as well as absenteeism and other sub-categories of indirect costs.

Cost of obesity in the us 2017

Williams, T. Shen, S. Revisions may also be done for metabolic complications such as micronutrient deficiency secondary to diminished intake, vomiting, or malabsorption. Journal of the American Medical Association 1 Jenkins, R. Over-the-counter medicines and supplements should be reviewed for their potential to cause weight gain. Obesity Surgery 20 9 Game, B.

In order to identify a causal relationship between obesity and absenteeism, authors control for a list of observables that also affect absenteeism; some authors employ econometric models other than standard ordinary least squares OLS regressions in order to control for endogeneity of weight in determining work absence.

The institution or addition of lifestyle intervention as well as pharmacotherapy to patients desiring additional weight loss beyond that maintained by their bariatric surgical procedure is a viable intervention that requires further research.

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The economic impact of obesity in the United States