An overview of the concept of civil disobedience in antigone a play by sophocles

Despite her innocence, Ismene is also summoned and interrogated and tries to confess falsely to the crime, wishing to die alongside her sister, but Antigone insists on shouldering full responsibility.

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It deals with some of the most basic problems that affect a society. Antigone decided to bury Polynices, for she was obeying the gods, even though it was declared illegal by Creon.

An overview of the concept of civil disobedience in antigone a play by sophocles

She has gone through so many family tragedies: losing her father, mother, and now her two brothers. It depends on the situation. However, just as citizens consent to abide by the laws of the state in which they reside, one is compelled to preserve justice and condemn the unjust decisions of man when the social contract contradicts the laws sanctioned by God The final points I try to make are about who Sophocles thinks is right and who I think is right Sophocles uses a distant world to represent the pressure of those who want to speak up and through a kingdom of the desperate he illustrates how actions can be depicted as wrong, but with them the truth lies overall It is the worst possible punishment not to give someone a proper burial. Often society has laws that individuals feel is immoral, or unjust. This popular idea has developed over the centuries and is commonly known today as civil disobedience. She is also inferior in the society she lives in being a woman, which makes this even more difficult. When the African Americans were protesting oppression it was an act of civil disobedience. Characteristics of civil disobedience include no expression of anger, no cursing or insults, no retaliation, and submission to punishment by law enforcement The play opens up at the end of a war between Eteocles and Polyneices, sons of Oedipus and brothers of Antigone and Ismene.

Antigone shows us, through Civil Disobedience, that breaking some of societies laws is both a right and responsibility. Government is given the right to control a group of people by the people composing the group.

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Antigone is a heroine in the play. In addition, it also gives me great thoughts reflecting on my personal views and civil rights. Henry David Thoreau was a pioneer of modern civil disobedience when he refused to pay a poll tax because he believed the money would be used to fund the Mexican War Polynices died leading an Argive army to capture Thebes, thus he practically died a foreign invader despite having been born in Thebes. People secretly approve the generous act of Antigone burying her brother, Polyneices Never share my hearth never think my thoughts, whoever does such things. The education system does not value personal opinions. All the scenes take place in front of the royal palace at Thebes conforming to the traditional dramatic principle of unity of place and the events unfold in little more than twenty-four hours.

The order and rule of law he values so much has been protected, but he has acted against the gods and has lost his child and his wife as a result. A ruler of a country must act and make decisions on behalf of his people.

Some have disagreed with civil disobedience on the grounds that if one breaks the law, of course they should expect punishment.

However, it is in this play that we can observe their true nature. However, she has been through so much grief, so death might as well be her relief. When Antigone does get caught, she then claims that she was a part of her dissent.

Citizens are acting on their consciences, demonstrating highly advanced moral reasoning skills. If not, I would stay in the back and wait for someone to take actions.

Creon insists that everyone must listen to his orders.

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Government is given the right to control a group of people by the people composing the group. She disobeys the state laws, and is not afraid to speak up for her moral act. After her mother committed suicide, her father died and her brothers fought until they killed each other, Antigone projects her strong character with interesting ways of showing it. Citizens have always found ways to show their disapproval of governmental decisions and demanded action. Tuong Vy Vo. Creon , the new ruler of Thebes, has declared that Eteocles is to be honoured and Polynices is to be disgraced by leaving his body unburied on the battlefield a harsh and shameful punishment at the time. Outright denial and defamation are not valid responses to the efforts of activists challenging unfairness. A mood of uncertainty prevails in Thebes in the period of uneasy calm following the Theban civil war and, as the debate between the two central figures advances, the elements of foreboding and impending doom predominate in the atmosphere. I was born and raised in a communist country where I did not have access to liberalism. Creon is furious at her disobedience and decides to punish her to death.
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Antigone and the Faces of Civil Disobedience