Bad stakeholder management examples

Stakeholder mismanagement

One of my favourite examples comes from the s. How do you do that? Customers will also provide the project requirement s. The contract included provisions for minimizing the impact on the traffic and communities near the construction areas. On the surface, this may seem like the right thing to do, but bad things can happen if the stakeholders formulate their opinion concerning the test results before your personnel analyze the data. Whether the stakeholders support your project or not, if they are important to your project, you must secure their support. Managing project team members requires interpersonal skills. If your organization or customer has a PMO they will likely have some responsibility for governance of your project. Early in the relationship, the project manager will need to negotiate, clarify, and document project specifications and deliverables.

The number of applications then rose steeply. They have the power to directly restrict your access to their resources so they are important stakeholders. For example compliance with expense policies or warranties.

Project failure due to poor stakeholder management

In February , applications began to increase and processing times rose. Keeping your manager informed will help ensure that you get the necessary resources to complete your project. These deserve special attention. The suggestions below should help you to identify your project stakeholders see Stakeholder Definition for more on identifying stakeholders. Do they have the power to have an impact on your project? The number of applications then rose steeply. The engineering department submitted the grant as a demonstration project for engineering students to expose students to wind technology. Naturally this must include your project team and your customer's project team , but the APM definition includes a potentially a wide group of people extending beyond your project team , so who else should be considered as a stakeholder?

What strategies do you follow with them? Be certain to identify and meet with all key stakeholders early in the project to understand all their needs and constraints.

stakeholder management case study example

Effective stakeholder engagement takes both. External customer External customers are the customers when projects could be marketed to outside customers.

Bad stakeholder management examples

The problem in this case is that the Partnership members — at that time largely unknown — were not the only stakeholders. These people will also have a vested interest in the product. Like politicians, if they are to get their way, they have to exercise influence effectively over others. Programme Board If your project is part of a wider programme you may well be required to report into a programme level board or steering group. Be explicit in asking for full support from your peers. Whose actions will have the greatest impact? Project managers generally choose their words wisely when interfacing with stakeholders whereas team members may say and do things while interfacing that can create problems for the project manager. These can include all or some levels of government from municipal, provincial, federal, to international. Using a responsibility assignment matrix RAM : The intent of the RAM is to make sure that all of the employees fully understand their responsibility on a given project. When stakeholders see the actual names of the workers, they will find a way to identify the phone numbers for each of the workers. Without a proper understanding of what can go wrong, project managers can unintentionally make mistakes that can be detrimental to the health of the project.

Project managers are somewhat like politicians. Customers The customer seems an obvious stakeholder and may be the Sponsor or part of the Project Board.

Whether the stakeholders support your project or not, if they are important to your project, you must secure their support. And these strategic opportunities that can create new value for stakeholders and company are often the best opportunities to mitigate risk.

These create intervention platforms for unhappy stakeholders and their allies.

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Lessons in Bad Stakeholder Management