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Blanche describes being in love with Allan Gray as having the world suddenly revealed by a blinding, vivid light. I do misrepresent things to them. She tells Stanley that Mitch came by to apologize, but she turned him down. Thus, she does draw Mitch's attention by undressing in the light so that he can see the outline of her body. We will use two texts, The Bluest Eye written by Toni Morrison in and A Streetcar Named Desire written by Tennessee Williams in , to explore how social learning, or lack of, impacts the individual and the community. When Blanche meets Mitch, she realizes that here is a strong harbor where she can rest. Check out our Privacy and Content Sharing policies for more information. She therefore tries to captivate Stanley by flirting with him and by using all of her womanly charms. Sure have. Blanche is lost, confused, conflicted, lashing out in sexual ways, and living in her own fantasies.

The heavy-duty sexual tension between these two is clear from the start, though whether Blanche is a conscious participant is up for debate. The alcohol helped her to forget.

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The role she created for her first love proved ultimately unreal and irreconcilable with his true identity. Yes—I want Mitch…Just think!

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And her type will always be at the mercy of the brutal, realistic world. She feels the truth in the room. Stanley doesn't believe them to be lies, but Stella will not accept them as truth. To Mitch, she is ready to give her whole being. I try to give that to people. Yet, as Stanley puts it, she acts like the Queen of the Nile. What start off as harmless flights of fancy soon escalate to a dangerous level.

Stanley rapes Blanche, assuming that she has slept with so many men in the past, one more would not matter. She is then forced to admit all of her past.

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But the only way to live with such a man is to — go to bed with him! She is seen as a moth-like creature. Blanche's last remarks in the play seem to echo pathetically her plight and predicament in life. She wants to affect someone else through a type of deception or lie. She deceives him into thinking her prim and proper but in actuality, Blanche would like to be prim and proper. When Blanche meets Mitch, she realizes that here is a strong harbor where she can rest. In actuality, Blanche's action in the first part of the play indicates that on first acquaintance, when Stanley was a stranger, she desired him or at least flirted with him. She also covers the light in the Kowalski apartment with a Chinese paper lantern when she arrives. She was mixed up with a seventeen-year-old boy and was forced to leave town. Here are some ways our essay examples library can help you with your assignment: Brainstorm a strong, interesting topic Learn what works and what doesn't from the reader's perspective. Stanley knows the truth and so does Blanche.

Blanche is both a theatricalizing and self-theatricalizing woman. Yet this, too, actually does garner a bit of sympathy for our protagonist.

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It is interesting to note that her final struggle with Stanley is also a physical one in which he rapes her, causing Blanche to retreat entirely into her own world.

When Blanche meets Mitch, she realizes that here is a strong harbor where she can rest.

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Blanche's Lies in A Streetcar Named Desire by Tennessee Williams