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Ultimately, their in-house person decided to move on to another position leaving the business owners scrambling to find a replacement and distracting them from focusing on their core business. This lead to touring across America, marketing and promoting his music amongst some big audiences as well as working with top 10 chart artists in the UK and America.

Read our blog post to get ideas from leading accounting and bookkeeping professionals. Results The operations manager was able to save more than 30 hours of time per month, and the financial statements are now produced on-time to give the restaurant owner the ability to make better decisions.

For example, State Board of Equalization payment for sales tax might be scheduled to be paid for the last month that the old entity was operating, but it will be paid out of the new entity checking account.

Results Once the changes were implemented, the client was able to analyze their financial information to make significant decisions about pricing for their services.

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He was an authoritive figure with high levels of knowledge and when we talked about my accounts he would be really interested whereas most people would find it boring.

This involved trawling through transactions and clearing up bank reconciliations for several months.

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Real Business Stories: Bookkeeping Case Study