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A construction project is unique, specific, and dynamic, and therefore projects have different levels and combinations of risks, hence different responses are taken to minimize those risks and different consequences affect the project performance.

Step of risk management. For a start-up company like Sibesonke, it is advised to follow the formalized risk management procedure to reach the scope of the IT project.

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As it was founded in the SWOT analysis, the start-up company Sibesonke is aware of the risks, but the risk management processes not yet unmistakeably formalized.

Practical implications — Software development projects are characterized by technical complexity, market and financial uncertainties and competent manpower availability. The second stage entails the identification of the risks pertaining to risk management.

risk management in automobile industry ppt

Toll risk lead to the failure in recovery of construction cost. The entire methodology has been explained using a case study on software development project in a public sector organization in Barbados. It is important to manage the multifaceted risks associated with international construction projects, in particular in developing countries, not only to secure work but also to make profit [ 4 ].

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Risk is a consequence of an uncertain condition which quite often cannot be predicted accurately. For a start-up company like Sibesonke, it is advised to follow the formalized risk management procedure to reach the scope of the IT project. Concepts of risk and risk management The risk arises because of the uncertainty of an event that has not happened yet. Identifying risks is one of the most important aspects of a project. Risk management model A Management Model is simply the set of choices made by executives about how the work of management gets done about how they define objectives, motivate effort, coordinate activities, and allocate resources [ 7 ]: Level 1: planning. That is presented by explaining risk management as four steps process and also revising the process through two example risks: user involvement and risk register documentation. Hierarchy of risk at building project in Indonesia. Secondary data were obtained from the data collection conducted by other study, for example, reference books, magazine articles, and journals related to the topic of study. Risk categories in building projects are external risks, economic and financial risks, technical and contractual risks, and managerial risk [ 3 ]. Risk management of toll road projects Basically, risk management of toll road projects goes through several stages such as risk identification, risk analysis, and risk response. From the investor point of view, the most risk in toll road projects is related to land acquisition. Force major, such as weather condition, war, natural disasters, etc. Noise: repetitive, excessive noise causes long-term hearing problems in labour and can be a dangerous distraction. Risk management can be defined as the identification, measurement, and control of the economic perspective of the risks that threaten the assets and income.

Keywords Risk management Citation. PMBOK Guide 5th edition describes the stages of risk management, that is, risk identification, risk analysis, risk response, risk monitoring, and control.

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Risk Management for IT Project in micro companies : Case study for Sibesonke