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Codes of Ethics, therefore, set out the standards of practice expected of professional people, and in consequence they are sometimes known as Codes of Practice.

Importance of code of ethics in early childhood education

Get in Touch. A Code should not be seen simply as a set of rules imposed by other people, but should be accepted by childcare workers as their own thinking. People who work directly with children and young people have privileged access to them and may be in positions of power over them; they therefore have ethical and practical responsibilities for their welfare. Ensure that images of children and other data are only collected with informed consent and are stored and utilised according to legislative and policy requirements. To maintain standards to maintain high personal standards of professional conduct, avoiding any acts which may bring the profession or service into disrepute or which may diminish the trust or confidence of the public. The process itself therefore helps to develop professional awareness of standards of practice, and can act as a form of training. In relation to myself as a professional, I will: 1. However, there is limited value in Codes if they cannot be applied in practice, and general principles are abstract and vague. Listen to and learn from families, in order to acknowledge and build upon their strengths and competencies, and support them in their role of nurturing children. Which groups will definitely not be covered by the Code, perhaps because they have their own professional codes and regulatory systems? Principle 4 Responsive, sensitive and reciprocal relationships, which are consistent over time, are essential to the wellbeing, learning and development of the young child I will establish professional and caring relationships with children and their families.

In this respect, Codes may be seen as regulatory, and may be used for disciplinary purposes if it is felt that their standards are breached. I will acknowledge the power dimensions within professional relationships.

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To cooperate with others in meeting the needs of children and young people to recognise service users' membership of their families and communities. It is not intended that this term should be seen as elitist or limiting, but that it should be interpreted broadly to include all people who work with children.

I will celebrate effort as well as success.

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I will ensure that these children are protected from the abuse of such power Principle 9 The role of the adult in providing quality early childhood experiences is fundamental I will utilise knowledge and research to advocate for universal access to a range of high-quality childhood programs for all children I will advocate for the development and implementation of laws and policies that promote child-friendly communities and work to change those that work against child and family wellbeing I will be responsible for ensuring that appropriate boundaries are maintained in all aspect of professional relationships.

What should the format of the Code be? There are many possible reasons, depending upon the circumstances prevalent in the country and its services for children at the time. Encourage my colleagues to adopt and act in accordance with this Code, and take action in the presence of unethical behaviours.

Early childhood code of ethics poster

This may be seen when people working with children feel that they have to challenge the law. In some countries, there are different systems in the different provinces or states which make up the nation. Why have Codes of Ethics? Assist each family to develop a sense of belonging and inclusion. There may, for example, be a current issue where there are differing views as to the best professional practice, and guidance may be needed. Our early childhood code of ethics ensures that your child is cared for in a safe and nurturing environment. Facilitate the optimal growth and development of each individual child or young person to achieve his or her potential in all aspects of functioning; 4. Each country needs to consider its own circumstances in this respect. Is it intended that the Code should cover volunteer workers as well as paid staff? It is important to note that where there are inconsistencies between the Code of Ethics and some other document, a law, for example , it may be that the Code of Ethics represents best practice and that it is the other document that should be changed in order to achieve professional change. I will support research to strengthen and expand the knowledge base of early childhood, and where possible, initiate, contribute to, facilitate and disseminate such research.

Work to promote community understanding of how children learn in order that appropriate systems of assessment and reporting are used to benefit children. Often there are no really appropriate terms to reflect the concepts which need to be communicated, and new terms or definitions have to be created.

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