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Courses in psychology are highly recommended in college. The essay may have been one of the areas that needed improving.

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Physical therapy is a complex, but rewarding field to pursue as a career I strive for being a role model for my brothers and all the other youngsters in my family. I love people and I am very interested in the way the human body works.

Coupled with my personal characteristics, several experiences in the field have proved great motivating factors to pursue this career path.

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I truly cannot wait to become a part of this field. Physical Therapist are part of the health care profession, which help relieve pain, and increase strength in their patients.

Therapists can successfully meet those demands by creating a positive environment, continuously learning and educating others.

Passion for physical therapy

So make the essay personable and not stiff. This blog is my attempt to talk about my experiences on my path to becoming a physical therapist. They help reduce pain and restore physical function. Until two-and-a-half years ago, my professional background was in the area of mechanical engineering. It gives an applicant greater opportunity to stand out or appear unique while allowing in fact, requiring, a personal touch. I, personally, see myself as a practicing physical therapist in ten years. Helping individuals achieve their highest quality of physical wellness and playing an integral role in helping them become the best version of themselves is what excites me most about physical therapy.
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