Confirmation procedure of account receivable

In addition, by verifying the balance owed, the customer proves the accuracy assertion of the financial statements. Review documentation for reconciling items.

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Number and dollar amount of confirmations received with no exceptions indicated and the percentage of these to the total confirmations requests. Rights and Accuracy Accounts receivable confirmations can also prove the assertion of rights. Give photocopy to client and request that the difference be reconciled and provide documentation for reconciling items.

Prepare and Mail Confirmation Requests The auditor should observe the following procedures in preparing and mailing confirmation requests: [1]. Care must be taken to ensure that the subsequent collections examined relate to receivables that existed at period-end and not to sales occurring after period-end.

Accounts receivable audit confirmation letter template

This will require the client to provide bank records showing the receipt of payment. The customer is then asked to return the letter to verify the balance. Review of period end reconciliation of subsidiary and general ledger and investigate large and unusual items. This number also should be placed on the confirmation request. For example, review the outstanding receivables to invoices, and review the subsequent collection. For more updates keep visiting auditorforum. And the most important of assertions that need to confirm by auditors for account receivables are existence, valuation, recoverability, as well as completeness. Occurrence Assertion Occurrence is a second assertion that can be proven by accounts receivable confirmations. Audit Forum provides best question and answers practice for visitors. Audit substantive procedures for store and spares: Obtain the listing of stores and spares balances at period-end and investigate large or unusual quantities or amounts. Select Accounts for Confirmation Auditors have used, and some continue to use, judgment in selecting accounts for confirmation.

His career includes public company auditing and work with the campus recruiting team for his alma mater. This responsibility is known as recourse.

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To verify the valuation assertions, validity, and recording and presentation, auditors also perform tests of the journal entries in accounts receivable and the subsidiary ledgers.

Confirmations of accounts receivable are said to be either negative or positive. When is the confirmation of receivables required? Non-response To Confirmation Requests If a response to a confirmation request is not received within a reasonable period of time—two to three weeks—a second request should be sent.

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Audit procedures for accounts receivable and store spares