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I am proud to be a Dell team member. The code is a statement of the values and expectations for how Dell employees work and lead. Besides the primary sources certain secondary sources are also used in this research paper these sources are websites and books that are related to organizational change.

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Get Essay In this paper the concepts of organizational culture and certain aspects related to organizational culture are discussed in detail. In fact, over the next few years our customer satisfaction scores were consistently off the charts.

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That place happened to be in middle of the sea of cubicles on the second floor of Building 2 on the Dell campus in Texas. Thus, the range of capabilities we bring into Dell is broader than it was before. Words: , Paragraphs: 38, Pages: 9 Publication date: September 06, Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website! First, the company needs to be able to provide a great deal of flexibility to answer the needs of different subsidiaries. However, all of these theories have certain aspects that are common and they believe that corporate culture is quite hard to change and employees usually resist the change because they believe that the change in the culture of organizations would affect their performance and that is the reason why it becomes very hard for organizations to change the culture of their organizations. As a result, we built a fairly large business for ourselves at Dell. Dell Corporation is quite rich in its principles and they focus a lot on organizational culture. But at Dell, employees can see firsthand the kind of difference their company is making. They group related activities are integrated together, the employees are empowered enough to take the decisions, the leaders of the organization lead the organization by setting an example and etc.

Dell is really at the forefront of the challenge of getting the right people to the right places the right way. While the Legacy of Good plan includes 21 ambitious goals bound by an end date ofthe Dell team has already made great strides and employees love feeling like their work is contributing to a greater goal.

Therefore, it can be said that through different sources the research questions are answered and emphasis of the research is based on the questionnaire that is developed. New employees are hired in the organization but the ratios of new employees are less because previous employees in the organization are trained and then they are promoted to work for the betterment of the organization.

Team members have provided hundreds of thousands of hours of volunteer time to tens of thousands of local organizations around the world. Different questions are formulated in order assess the topic and the organization.

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Our Culture Code at Dell