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On July 21,it was revealed that hearsay statements indicating Peterson killed two of his wives were not reliable enough for a jury to hear at his trial.

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She was close to completing her nursing degree from Joliet Junior College at the time of her disappearance on Sunday, October 28, The couple divorced inwithout finalizing their financial arrangements. Passed while investigators were looking for Stacy, the legislation permits courts to consider statements from "unavailable witnesses," provided that prosecutors are able to prove that the witness was killed to prevent his or her testimony and that the hearsay statements are reliable.

Connolly said that Peterson became unfaithful and controlling.

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Joel Brodsky, Peterson's attorney, denied that any container was missing from Peterson's home. On March 1,Savio was found dead in the bathtub.

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She was found dead in her bathtub on March 1, He had been an undercover narcotics officer for several years when he investigated for misconduct in Her hair was damp, but the bathtub was dry. After nearly 14 hours of deliberations , jurors announced Thursday afternoon that they had found Peterson guilty in the death of Kathleen Savio, his third wife. When Savio confronted her husband, Doman said it got physical. Peterson's defense team thought it was an open and shut case. Authorities and volunteers conducted an extensive search, but they found no trace of Stacy Peterson. The Bolingbrook Fire and Police Commission decided that Peterson was guilty of disobedience and failing to report a bribe, among other infractions. Family members of Stacy Peterson stated that they hoped Peterson's murder conviction in Salvo's case would lead to new developments in Stacy's case, which is still under investigation. Prosecutors suspect Peterson killed his pretty, sandy-haired fourth wife because she could finger him for Savio's death, but her body has never been found and no charges have ever been filed. In November , her body was exhumed and re-examined.

That October, Peterson married for the fourth time. The "hearsay law" allowed judges to admit hearsay evidence in first-degree murder cases if prosecutors can prove a victim's death was directly connected to a defendant's efforts to prevent them from testifying.

Authorities and volunteers conducted an extensive search, but they found no trace of Stacy Peterson. Peterson and Savio were set to resolve their outstanding issues regarding their divorce in April

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