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Discovery, 09 Apr. Tarina writes from a womans view expressing how the protagonist Katniss Everden in The Hunger Games displays empowerment, having the role as a skilled hunter.

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Citations - the details needed to locate a source including the author, title, publication, date, pages, etc. However, the broader purpose of her answers and general approach to the interview was to convince me that urban farming will only succeed when there are coordinated economic and educational initiatives at local levels and that these initiatives depend on one another.

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He goes into explaining the many traits the character and actress have to display the feminist side in a positive manner. There are 2 major parts of an annotated bibliography: 1. An annotated bibliography is an incredibly useful research tool that organizes, summarizes and evaluates the sources you select for a research topic. According to the article, Feminism has occupied itself an interdisciplinary critique of patriarchal literary and cultural practices and looks at the conditions within society that restrict womens access to the public sphere and denigrate their activities in the private realm Jarvis 1. Smith does not rely on appeals to ethos to achieve his purpose he does not have much credibility, after all ; instead, he tries to appeal to pathos and to logos. How to add or edit an annotation Modified on: Mon, Jan 22, at AM Add an annotation After you create a source citation, you have the option to add an annotation. Osborn, Lauren -.

There is a complex consumerism going on that I will likely explore at greater length in my research project. Directory of Open Access Journals, www. Well, a good annotation is made up of two parts: 1.

Lauren explains how too many books and films short sell female characters where as for Katniss, Kovac 4 as a fiercely independent, loyal, and capable young woman - stands as a symbol of feminism in modern literature Osborn.

The author does a good job of backing up my main points. Smith is generally attacking science and scientists, but he does not directly engage with any specific branch of science, inquiry, or scientists.

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Every entry in your annotated bibliography should begin with the citation for the source. The article fairly covers the issue, reflecting the potential issues the new Librarian of Congress and the President may face during the appointment process. Surveys What is an annotated bibliography? Joshua is a well- known reviewer of media and art, writing many blogs during and after attending Hampshire College as liberal arts major. Gonzalez utilized a number of strategies to try and achieve this purpose, but one strategy in particular sticks out in my memory: an appeal to both logos and pathos. Citations are listed in alphabetical order. Sample Website Annotation Smith, John. Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, It is well reasoned, articulate, and clearly engages with research in critical and thoughtful ways. She writes her article with beliefs of the protagonist character of Katniss Everdeen encompassing a whole human being having traits of being brave and Kovac 2 honorable, as well as being multi-layered and at times also vulnerable. Consult your instructor on specific format and content for your annotated bibliography assignment. At this point, I am not sure how I would use it in my research project, but as I say above, I might be able to use it as an extreme example of anti-scientific sentiment. Jarvis, Shawn C.

Barksdale, Martha. In this source the author describes an after account of a zombie apocalypse through interviews.

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