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Today, however, the phrase is most often used as climate change caused by humans. It's fueling hurricanes like Hurricane Sandy and Hurricane Irene.

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Several factors contribute towards change in the climatic conditions. Earth's climate has been changing regularly for hundreds of millions of years, sometimes getting colder and sometimes warmer. Without it, Earth would be much too cold to support the huge diversity of life that it does. However, the more carbon dioxide in the air, the warmer the planet becomes.

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But as time goes on, climate scientists have more and more data to work with, and computers become more and more powerful—so the models get better.

Also, warmer temperatures can increase water demand and evaporation, stressing water supplies. This trend will continue if gas emissions remain unchecked.

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The seas also rise when glaciers and ice sheets melt, feeding more water into the oceans. Each of us should contribute his bit to control this global issue. But human activities are increasing the amount of greenhouse gases and trapping more heat.

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Doesn't sound much to worry about, does it? For the older child, looking farther back in time thousands, or even millions of years , it's interesting to look at the fossil evidence of climate shifts. Global Warming What is global warming? The Sun's heat also warms the seas unevenly, driving ocean currents—which, in some ways, are like underwater winds—from one place to another. Coral reefs are in danger as the ocean warms. Forecasting Earth's climate—the long-term patterns of weather for the entire planet—is more complex still. Arctic late-summer sea ice can disappear by the end of the 21st century.
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Environment for Kids: Global Warming