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I think Networks today in our daily life are essential for office and big companies. All big public concerns and government establishments use them in their office work.

Explain features of computer system

Versatility: Versatility is a most important characteristic which a good computer should have hence the capacity to perform completely different type of work. Many interactive games are available- of educative and entertainment value, which has become a source popular past time for children. Essay 3. Storage of Data: A computer has memory like human beings. Font Size should be 12 4. Thus, it ensures flexibility. The next feature is memory. This means that a computer should be free from dullness and lack of concentration. Even a digital watch contains computer technology. A requirements specification for a software system is a complete description of the behavior of a system to be developed.

In conclusion, networks are more complex than we think. A desktop of around 2. The most common type of translator is a compiler.

For example, PC and smartphones today combine new technology and materials, new software as well what makes possible send or receive information faster and easier. Computer can perform the number of calculation with exactly the same accuracy and speed as the first one.

Characteristics of digital computer

Since NO one analysis or problem-solving method can deal with all problems in a complex domain [4], it is important to have many methods available. All of our news reporters and news stations use this. Features 4. Different types of communication such as text, picture moving pictures and sounds are brought together to have what we know as multimedia. As a company grows, modifications and additions to this filing configuration allow easy extensibility. NET initiative framework. Storage of Data: A computer has memory like human beings. Computers in a way have revolutionized our lives, making it easier, faster, comfortable and convenient. It also plays a great role in space science and development of robots too.

A computer can store data and information and recalled as long as one requires it for any numbers of years because of its secondary storage capability. For users, having access to a networked nformation system is analogous to having a digital library of shared knowledge hence; Central information systems provide organizations with the advantages of having large amounts of data, covering many different fields, all accessible via an information access with larger databases of academic and professional research, such as Google Scholar, to provide even more information capability to personnel.

We are purposely stting aside creativity for now. Explicitly identifying the problem, and separating it from the possible solutions or required user actions, is an important aspect of our approach.

Reliability; Most consumers are looking for a computer that are reliable, yet if the product is on the market then it is bound to have undergone and passed the numerous technological tests before release.

characteristics of computer reliability
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