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This was then taken to the next level and played as a racket sport. One of my best friends and I started playing together and his dad had taught him how to play, when he first started teaching me I got really frustrated because I would keep hitting the ball out and I found out that playing and coaching tennis was much harder than it seemed. Camera: pans away from the game and zooms to Sunne. But, the modern game of tennis was slowly taking shape. The scoreboard of a match between Andy Roddick and Cyril Saulnier. For his part, Doherty, with three medals in Paris and a doubles gold medal in London in , remains the most medalled male tennis player in the history of the Games. Twenty-two entries were received, and the first winner of the Wimbledon Championships was Spencer Gore. Juniors may earn income from tennis by participating in the Future, Satellite, or Challenger tours. His design for indoor courts gradually spread across Europe. The modern tennis court owes its design to Major Walter Clopton Wingfield. Heathcote, a distinguished real tennis player, developed a better tennis ball of rubber covered with white flannel, the MCC in established a new, standardized set of rules for tennis. It is an Olympic sport that is played in most countries in the world, by all ages and all sectors of society. Fewer players attempt the backhand sky-hook or smash.

Occasionally carpet is used for indoor play, with hardwood flooring having been historically used. Now rackets are more durable and have better power and control which led to advancements in the game style of tennis as well.

Balls must weigh between Country Life, 22 June Introduction Background: A friendly game of tennis is being played.

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Tennis balls, which historically had been white, now came in several hues, with yellow the colour of choice. After several years, this interesting game spread through monasteries all over Europe. In tournament play, the chair umpire announces the end of the match with the well-known phrase "Game, set, match" followed by the winning person's or team's name. The player long considered to have had the best backhand of all time, Don Budge , had a powerful one-handed stroke in the s and s that imparted topspin onto the ball. Leading juniors are allowed to participate for their nation in the Junior Fed Cup and Davis Cup competitions. However, the monks soon developed crude instruments with which to strike the ball. When he was 13, he was sent to a tennis academy in Germany. The area between a doubles sideline and the nearest singles sideline is called the doubles alley, playable in doubles play. At first it was hard to learn, but once I get a hang of it was one of the best things I learned from my father. Washington Square, N. They also developed the first type of playing court, which was usually the monastery courtyard. It is an offensive shot used to take preparation time away from the opponent, as it returns the ball into the opponent's court much faster than a standard volley. It is completely different today.

Crego, Robert. The junior age group usually ranges from ages eight to eighteen. The rackets changed considerably, too. Continuity of the balls' condition is considered part of the game, so if a re-warm-up is required after an extended break in play usually due to rainthen the re-warm-up is done using a separate set of balls, and use of the match balls is resumed only when play resumes.

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For the first years of the modern game, rackets were made of wood and of standard size, and strings were of animal gut. Soon after, more courts started appearing in other countries like Russia and Canada.

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Page 1 of 7. Scoring method created by Jimmy Van Alen. A successful execution of any of these alternatives requires balance and timing, with less margin of error than the lower contact point backhands, since this shot is a break in the regular pattern of play.

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Louis was unhappy with playing tennis outdoors and accordingly had indoor, enclosed courts made in Paris "around the end of the 13th century".

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