Essay on memorable days in school

For three years, I had the chance to experience American preschool and kindergarten.

best day of school essay

My parents and I were present at the auditorium by p. All were in jolly and happy mood. Some were playing; some were talking to each other.

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It may be good or bad, happy …show more content… My hands were shaking and heart throbbing. The Headmaster spoke to me some encouraging words.

Many other students were given away prizes.

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Then we were built in the school yard on the line. I felt really proud and enthusiastic.

Essay on the most memorable day of my life in 100 words

She talked about our school, about what we will study during the first academic year. Thus I finished my first day at school. The whole atmosphere of the house was at once changed. But all of these are not equally important, enjoyable and memorable. All days we come across in our life are not the same. The Collector arrived exactly at 4 p. When I stepped inside the school with my father was little bit afraid. Finding me in a new environment my heart began to beat. She washed me very well, embed my hair and dressed in new clothes. He used to clear my doubts. I shall never forget the day as long as I live. A student should be encouraged at home and in school. I felt very lonely and was loitering here and there. Friends and relatives poured in to congratulate me. Then he pointed me a letter chart and asked me to say some letters.

When we think about this day or memory, we are very happy and we want to smile or we are sad and we want to cry. They all congratulated me. Many of my relatives brought sweet-boxes for me.

Essay on memorable days in school

But when that day finally came, I was frightened. My school broke up at 12 pm. Thus I finished my first day at school. But his smiling face and gentle eyes put me at ease. Many of my relatives brought sweet-boxes for me. All the students in the class were staring at me. However, memories are not just the ones that make us feel like we are in heaven. I realised that hard work pays. I could say them all because my mother taught me them at home. My father daily sat with me and coached me. After the end of the solemn part we were taken to the classroom. Our classroom was large and bright, on the windowsill in the pots were flowers, and on the walls hung different tables and a map of the world.

In midst of all rejoicing, I felt sorry for some of my friends who could not do well in the examination.

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My First Day at School