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Your town needs tourists. And I see a whole army of my countrymen, here in defiance of tyranny! On better computer facilities?

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Run and you will live at least awhile. We have all seen 'disaster' holidays on the TV. Opening a sentence with a simile shows understanding of representation and symbolism. Will you fight?

Persuasive writing examples

Prompt the students to change the level of formality on occasion for emphasis. A person of your intelligence deserves much better than this. Example Thinking about what an opposing writer may say and providing a counter argument can be very powerful and will make your own point appear stronger. Model the process of sequencing and structuring. This is not a discussion of two sides of an argument. There are thousands of animals at the mercy of our selfishness and disregard for kindness. His exploits were made into the film Braveheart.

I thought this student used a parenthetical aside to great effect. What if we were to cluster them by theme?

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Get them to open with an anecdote before outlining their main argument. Offering verbal feedback as I sat with the student at a computer, we pruned it brutally, then went back to edit and craft some more. In small groups, students shared and reflected on their own ideas and, using colour-coded cards. After cutting it down considerably, the student was still grappling with an overly long and unwieldy piece of writing. Hyperbole - exaggerated language used for effect. Make sure they understand the importance of personal pronouns. Statistics and figures - factual data used in a persuasive way. We know that paragraph cohesion is an important part of successful persuasive writing. He repeatedly uses rhetorical questions, one after the other to impact on the audience - they feel that they must fight to protect their freedom. The topic is certainly contentious enough — and the students feel sufficiently invested — to totally engage with it, whatever their opinions might be. Model the process of sequencing and structuring. I wanted to establish some maxims for good persuasive writing without imposing a rigid framework or a list of success criteria. Rhetorical question - a question which implies its own answer. Make sure the students make thrifty use of persuasive devices. The task in the exam is linked to the topic or theme of the reading sources, which act as stimulus material.
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