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According to Reil, Schwarz, Peterson, and Henricks , programs that foster the use of computer technology in the classroom increased familiarization with technology and led to empowerment in technology as well as teaching. Advances in computer technology have enable teachers to use a more systematic, innovative methods and techniques in teaching. Finally, retooling the Philippine secondary school system through technology Task Force on PCs for Public High Schools, can only be accomplished at enormous financial cost. The questionnaire, upon retrieval from the respondent-teachers will immediately be subjected for consolidation and analysis ready for interpretation. Moreover, the computer can store many instructional modules and can provide a display feature that makes learning interesting. Length of teaching experience d. It can allow faculty members who individualize their courses for students, provide a means of regular contact between faculty and students and allow for immediate feedback and enhancement of the learning process through better communication Lang, User support for faculty , as a group, was found by Fuller to be positively correlated with successful use of technology by students. Classroom technology should also become an integral part of the core mission for the institution Johnson, , with its primary focus rooted in the paradigm shift from teaching to learning Jafari, ; Reynolds and Wermer, This view occurs with that Padgett and Conceao-Runlee , who found successful staff development programs to include the individual motivators, as well as institutional factors and involvement by experts from within the institution. Not enough computers 2. Books, curriculums, and even teachers are rapidly being replaced or complemented by online resources and digital tools such as tablets and mobile phones. Teachers in the Philippine classroom must be upgraded on their classroom management for better results as well as ease in work preparation. Its like few understand the innards of cars and yet we drive them without trouble.

According to Masley, Sweaney, and Valentethere are three main reasons of the importance why teachers must stay abreast of current technology trends. Take discussions to the next level with Rappler PLUS — your platform for deeper insights, closer collaboration, and meaningful action.

This mode of categorization is similar to that postulated by Duhaney and Zemelwho classified faculty as those exhibiting a fear of technology, the infrequent users, and those who maximized its use, sometimes to the point of overuse.

Subject materials Improved Area of 3. Computer Technology in the Classroom Technology is a part of everyday life in the 21st Century.

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In the United States, Harvard University is experimenting with adaptive online learning programs that allow students to receive customized feedback and to finish modules at at their own pace.

Inadequate training opportunities 9.

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He also cited that the trend nowadays is to use multi-media in training the students because absorption capacity through this medium is much higher than chalk-talk instructional method. And because all these types of learners are mixed in one classroom, teachers need to be able to find ways to accommodate these disparities.

The information gathered will be able to encourage the administrators to develop a fundamental understanding of the importance and responsibilities of using computer technology in the teaching-learning process and also suggest better ways of training and equipping teachers with strategies, techniques and approaches.

Filipino local literature about educational technology

One visible advantage of using technology in teaching is the ability of the computer-Aided Instruction CAI materials to repeat the teaching process over and over without deterioration. He built class discussions around those 23 e-mails. Electronic Mail e-Mail 22 Electronic Mail, or so called e-Mail, became a reality due to a program designated in to transmit messages over networks Quinton,

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As survey findings suggest , financing is, at this initial stage, possibly the single biggest barrier to ICT use in the classroom. At the same time, both authors have said that instructional materials should be used in the classroom frequently and not only for special occasions like demonstration teaching, supervisory observations, and inter-visitations. This chapter presents the methods of research to be used in the study, the settings in which the study will be conducted, identifying the participants of the study, the instruments for data collection and data collection and analysis procedures. Philippine education experts have long realized that public schools do not just want to teach students how to use technological tools, computers and other high-tech learning gadgets. Technology in the classroom—the use of computers, the internet, or other computer- related techniques during traditional classroom-based instructional delivery. Jacob, Highest computer Educational technology Attainment instructional 1. Administrators must develop a fundamental a fundamental understanding of the importance and responsibilities of using computer technology in the classroom, and must ensure that faculty have access to professional development opportunities that will familiarize them with the types of technologies available within the institution and how to effectively utilize those technologies to foster learning. Challenged by new and innovative approaches, it may be painful to some teachers to lost grip from traditional teaching practices and strategies.
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