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The flight commander must be a prime example what a cadet officer needs to be. Major Staple observed. However following the development of its own arsenal, the British Government elected on 16 February to share the country's nuclear deterrent between the RAF and submarines of the Royal Navy, first deciding on 13 April to concentrate solely on the air force's V bomber fleet.

What leadership skills do flight commanders need most to succeed?

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It is often the first command position held by a cadet officer. The flight commander must be a prime example what a cadet officer needs to be. They operate the most basic CAP unit, the flight. The essential duties are to instruct cadets, motivate and discipline the flight, mentor the flight sergeant and element leaders, set goals for the flight, coach and counsel cadets, and drill and ceremonies. Ironically the leadership skill that is most important for flight commanders is leadership. At that time it was the largest air force in the world. This is often an issue because cadets do not know how to properly polish their shoes. List five common uniform discrepancies and explain what the correct standard actually is.

Reference the appropriate CAP regulation and paragraph. In short, the flight commander creates the conditions necessary for the flight to succeed.

While RAF bombing of Germany began almost immediately upon the outbreak of war, under the leadership of Air Chief Marshal Harristhese attacks became increasingly devastating from onward as new technology and greater numbers of superior aircraft became available.

During many inspections I have noticed that cadet will space their insignia incorrectly.

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