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Learn More in these related Britannica articles:. Coronado sent out parties that ranged all the way to the Colorado River on the present border between California and Arizona, exploring the Grand Canyon and much of what is now New Mexico.

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After his men re-joined Coronado, they settled in for winter near what is now present day Santa Fe, New Mexico. In the Tiguex area near modern day Albuquerque and Bernalillo, New Mexico they began a battle agains the Pueblo natives.

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The Spanish were awed by the Llano. Bibliography Arias, David.

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Tabas was likely on the Smoky Hill River. They had given up and decided to return to their departure point because worms were eating holes in their boats. Instead, it was just a village of simple pueblos constructed by the Zuni Native Americans. Coronado managed to resume his governorship, but within several years he was found guilty of numerous atrocities against Indians under his authority. He could not know, however, that the expedition he had led would set the stage for the saga of the American and Mexican West. Mountjoy, Shane and William H. On the southern side of the mountains he found a stream he called the Nexpa, which may have been either the Santa Cruz or the San Pedro in modern Arizona of modern maps, most likely the northward-flowing San Pedro River. The village consisted mostly of thatched huts, and not even small amounts of gold could be found. Estevan, one of the survivors of Cabeza de Vaca's expedition, had led a small scouting detachment to the Zuni about a year before and the Zuni had killed him, they later explained to Coronado, because of his presumptuousness with Zuni women. Once married, Coronado inherited half of her wealth. Furthermore, he and his expeditionaries brought back knowledge of the land and people of the north and opened a way for later Spanish explorers and missionaries to colonize the Southwest. This battle lasted several months before it ended. He was looking for the fabled Seven Cities of Gold. Authorities agree that the Querechos Becquerel's were Apache Indians. If this was the Hopi intent, the ruse worked.

He left with two of the Franciscan missionaries who insisted that they stay. Other guides led him further north to Quivira, and he reached a village near present-day Lindsborg, Kansas. They were probably the ancestors of the Pawnee.

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After winter passed, they began their journey back to Mexico. The slave confessed that he made up the story, so Coronado had him executed. A smaller unit rode north from there and encountered the Pueblos of Zuni in July but found no great wealth or treasure.

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He was largely cleared of all charges, but was removed from his governorship in and spent the last decade of his life as a member of the city council of Mexico City. This area had yet to be explored by the Spanish, even though they controlled much of the land. Britannica Educational Publishing. There he met a crushing disappointment. Chroniclers mentioned one settlement of two hundred tipis—which implies a population of more than one thousand people living together for at least part of the year. They soon arrived at the Great Plains where they saw herds of buffalo. Bibliography Arias, David.

Stuart A. The Teyas, like the Querechos, were numerous and buffalo hunters, although they had additional resources. One component carried the bulk of the expedition's supplies, and traveled by sea under the leadership of Hernando de Alarcon.

Francisco vazquez de coronado

Coronado and his frustrated soldiers entered Hawikuh on Coronado's demands when the Spanish requested intelligence and resources. Aside from Diaz's mission to verify Fray de Niza's report he also took notice of the forage and food situation along the trail, and he reported that the land along the route would not be able to support a large concentrated body of soldiers and animals. They were traveling to lands northeast of New Galicia. Inspired by rumors of seven cities of gold and the travels of Cabeza de Vaca , Coronado led a royal expedition of about Spanish soldiers, over 1, Tlaxcalan Indians, and enormous herds of livestock north into what is now the American West. In the spring of , the force moved into Palo Duro Canyon in Texas. Chroniclers mentioned one settlement of two hundred tipis—which implies a population of more than one thousand people living together for at least part of the year. Francisco Coronado and the Seven Cities of Gold. From the knowledge gathered during this time he sent out several more scouting expeditions.
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Francisco Vazquez de Coronado