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Micro and Industry level both. Higher, Higher Convex b. If you are going to check the details of the same. Optimum price c.

sikkim manipal university mca question paper with answer

Receipts of public authorities. Automatic changes in tax collections and transfer payments or public expenditure programmes so that it may reduce destabilizing effect on aggregate effective demand.

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Marginal efficiency of capital d. Saving income ratio b. Flatter U-shaped or dish-shaped curve c. Printing of fresh and new currency notes by the government by running down the cash balances with the central bank.

Negative c.

Sikkim manipal university mca question paper with answer

Marginal Cost Pricing d. Consumers propensity to consume Penetration price policy b. Match the following: Part A 1. Producers' surplus d. Bilateral monopoly d. Decrease b. Index number d. Corporate Economics. Monopolistic competition b. Public Revenue 2.

Which of the following is the market structure in which the firms produce homogeneous products?

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