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Bruce was the first non-French to take over and he was more French than any of the French men who had taken over the mill before him. He looked at the front of the mill where there were two huge fields and decided that they would plant crops and become farmers.

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This was earth shattering because all you would see in the back in the day was super plain swatch books. And this was the beginning of Chuck Anderson getting to do a little more and little more of what he wants to do with the French Paper Co.

The paper industry has hit a lot of hard times, paper mill after paper mill closed their doors during They got an amazing response from this book. He lived and breathed French Paper Co.

french paper posters

He also bought a hydro generator and named it 1. So Frank had to figure something out. Then came Bruce. French Paper Co.

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The site is now fully scalable and mobile friendly, so you can enter orders on the fly with ease. The French Paper Company story sounds a lot like a fairytale, believe me.

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French Paper Company