Gender double standards essay

A guy could sleep with 30 girls and he gets a dap from his boy, but god forbid a girl sleeps with like 15 boys; she's a whore.

Gender double standards in society

Men were expected to be the head of the household, while women were expected to be the body. As long as there are close minded people the double standard would still exist in the future. Female C: Both genders I believe are equally targeted. Male D: I have been personally effected by a double standard. Although a woman may not necessarily need a man to protect her, a man should always be there just in case the need for protection arises. I think that is why males do not get as stressed about these same topics. I wish double standards didn't exist but with the forever growing popularity of social media double standards will forever be a part of our culture. I never did understand that one. Just as if a woman were to join the football or hockey team. The social construct of a strict binary gender system creates and enforces strict binary contradicting roles for sexuality through gender roles and norms that oppress everyone who does not conform and oppresses any other non-conforming sexualities Do you think double standards are necessary in society? Female A: Women are definitely targeted more through double standards. The way the society has taught us, we are supposed to follow the double standard, but the double standard has prevented someone from achieving the goals that they have set of their own life.

While years ago girls were not allowed to do the things men did, and it is now more acceptable in society for women to do some of the same things as men. Female D: I would like to think that, one day, society will be free from double standards however one cannot ignore the fact these standards are rooted into our society from the start of time.

Male A: I know I have been personally affected by double standards but to be honest I can't think of them off the top of my head, I can for sure say most arguments in the relationships I've had are all revolved around double standards just not one in particular comes into mind.

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Female C: None of them really bother me that much at all. Male C: The women can hit men quote is total nonsense no one should hit anyone but if you're just defending yourself I see nothing wrong with that. Just because I am a female doesn't mean I have to act proper and "ladylike" all the time, I should be able to act how I want to without being told these things.

Then they expect and incourage us to discuss about the a religiose storys within our text books I believe there are men who are abused by women but are looked at as cowards in society, but being raised I was always taught that it's cowardly to hit a women, so I guess that's a double standard in itself.

Scholarly articles on double standards

But, for a guy, it's almost expected of them. Most girls don't find short guys attractive and aren't criticized nearly as much as men for having preferences of body type. Not having children. Male A: My opinion is that they're very weird, that's the best way to say it I think. For years and years there has always been an issue when it comes to double standards. What gender do you feel is more targeted through double standards? A guy could sleep with 30 girls and he gets a dap from his boy, but god forbid a girl sleeps with like 15 boys; she's a whore. I pride myself on my work ethic and I feel like it's constantly being questioned. Male C: I feel double standards have always been around. As long as there are close minded people the double standard would still exist in the future. This very same thing happens to men who want to play in a female dominated sport. Male D: Double standards, although a negative component of society, are inevitably impossible to avoid. The fact that women earn less than men for the same amount of work is mind boggling.

Because what kind of unnatural woman would never want to be a mother? Everyone should be entitled to an equal opportunity. Female B: I think double standards are offensive. These standards are imposed on us in so many different ways that, sometimes, we don't even notice them.

Why are double standards a problem

And I don't see society changing especially with social media being so toxic to the world now Male B: Double standards will always be a part of society. Male B: Men are more targeted in double standards. Every gender, age, race, or creed comes with its own double st She establishes the norms that women were subjected to and the social pressures that forced them to act, behave, and even live in a certain manner. When men burp, scratch, don't take a shower or clean their house, they are just being, well, men. Moreover, according to the authors dominant scripts depict girls and women wanting heterosexual relationships, while boys and men are merely interested in sex Many women are sensitive, but not all of them. Male C: How men are all out to hurt girls. Society is known to treat men and women differently despite the equality that is supposed to exist between the sexes. Like I said, we will never be physically equal to one another, so I don't think that full equality and the absence of double standards will ever truly occur.
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Gender Double Standards Essay