Go back to where you came

He replied with, "Well all of you look the same and have slanted eyes.

Go back to where you came

One of my American colleagues got a bit annoyed at this, and interrupted me and said that I can go back to my country if I don't like America and that no one forces me to live in the US. Because this type of hatred isn't something you're born with its taught, and it's taught through a lack of information.

He looked at me with a taunting glimmer in his eyes as I stood in shock and embarrassment. I hope the frenetic action of the first episode stills a little so we can take it in properly and hear more from the refugees themselves. This will continue to happen in next century.

go back to where you came from season 4 episode 1

It was me. As one of the few African American girls in the program, I felt I needed to try harder to fit in with my peers.

All of them complained in private However, they were all afraid to lose their jobs.

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Go Back To Where You Came From Live