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She knows how to fix a T.

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What evidence in the text supports your answer? Why or why not? What question could you ask about the author or his opinion?

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Why do you think those students resist learning? Since it began inthe fair has grown.

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Then write a synonym for each word. Write two sentences for each word in the chart above using each meaning.

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Use your own words to write what each Key Vocabulary word means. Use the strategies above to find question-answer relationships as you read. Complete the sentences. David Moore taught high school social studies and reading in Arizona public schools before entering college teaching. Winning a third time would The instructors had to instill the value of mean scholarships and well-paying hard work, responsibility, and a passion jobs for the students and badly needed for learning in their students. X Rating: 1 2 3 B. Describe a device you use every day. Alfred Tatum began his career as an eighth-grade teacher, later becoming a reading specialist and discovering the power of texts to reshape the life outcomes of struggling readers. Father loved books and the narrator The narrator also loved books. The auto shop wants to build a hybrid car that is more affordable for consumers. For juniors Zachary Drapeau and Tom Smallwood, and seniors Casey Hansen and Nathan Lindberg, their work could make getting through college easier to afford.
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