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New course — Handwriting and the Enneagram — coming soon When you study on the Advanced Diploma Course you will analyse a range of different handwritings. Classes will be full in the coming few months, so get started today during this promotional window.

Master CMHA The Master Course is the only course that integrates the gestalt method and the trait stroke approach into one unique system. Many graduates are eager to turn professional. I look forward to putting it into practice.

Handwriting analysis course

Plus, this new completely revised version contains videos and lessons hand-selected from over 15 years of live conferences and private invite-only trainings held from Dallas, Texas to Mumbai India. Part Two requires in-depth analysis dealing with issues such as life guidance, personnel selection, compatibility, child guidance and vocational assessment. Everything is falling into place so nicely and I am finding it surprisingly easy following Elaine's approach. This means that within a few days you can start your lessons. To see if you qualify click here. I have been a guest on over radio and TV shows. Becoming professionally certified by AHAF is a process to ensure the public that our certified members are competent representatives of the handwriting sciences and of our organization. There have been some cheap imitiations but nothing like our original thorough and detailed Evaluated Traits course. Signed by your instructors.

Let me just tell you some of the amazing doors having the skill to analyze handwriting has opened for me. Interesting and able to see the connections between Lessons 1, 2, 3.

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We just have a better, more precise system that makes learning fun and accurate from the first module. This is a skill that will always be beneficial personally and professionally for me.

The Master Course was designed with professionals in mind. Measuring slant seems to an ambiguous subject with many handwriting analysis schools.

I found it accurate for my own signature too.

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Handwriting University's Certification Handwriting Analysis Course