How to write a ccot thesis

The main goal of a CCOT essay is to check some of your abilities such as: contextualization, causation, comparison, analysis, and synthesis.

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Before the exam, you may use the following method: write short plans about each of the topics given to you, i. If your essay is incomplete, you will probably receive the lowest mark. Then start remembering all these details, and check your knowledge by randomly picking a topic from the list and writing a little about it.

Check if you have used everything written in the draft paper. Thesis statement — must show change topic s and continuity topic s ; stance and cover all significant aspects of the prompt. Austin writes on health and well-being as well as linguistics and international travel, business, management and emerging technologies.

Besides, comprehensive knowledge in the field of world history is required. Organize your plans and notes from classes.

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Write down the thesis according to your knowledge of the issue. Give specific examples that show how the state of affairs was continuous between the two points in time and examples of how it changed. If your essay is incomplete, you will probably receive the lowest mark. Change 3. The precise format required for a CCOT essay will vary. Look for logical connection and consistency. Analysis — Because the ………… was constantly present the society, people, government, trade,???? Make arguments in support of your proposed explanation for the change in the body of the paragraph. In other words, do not simply describe the change or continuity, but spend some time explaining why the change or continuity occurred. Write some important dates there, characteristics, events, and personalities; prepare the structure of the essay with several key words.

Change 3. Global Context? Leave five minutes for revising your essay as well.

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How to Write a CCOT Essay: 12 Steps (with Pictures)