How to write a daily diary in industrial training report

Trainees should follow the following guidelines to maintain a proper diary.

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On the other hand your work site may be a factory, garage, lab, design office etc. For example work site may be a construction of a multistory building.

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Duration of Training The overall duration of industrial training shall be 24 weeks. The footing of 8 RCC columns was prepared and completed. Benefits of Industrial Training Undergraduates should also be aware that suitable experience gained during industrial training maximum of six months may count towards three years practical training requirement necessary to obtain the full corporate membership of the IESL.

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Daily diary 17th Feb Today, marking on site was done as per the excavation plans and machines were called in for excavating. Reference to your letter addressed to the Faculty of Engineering University Ruhuna. Pushpa Kumara Industrial Training Handbook 1 This Handbook is provided for information purposes only, and its contents are subject to change without notice. The knowledge we are gaining throughout our studies have the practical implementation during this period. Applications for a Training Certificate should be forwarded as specified in Annex Project management team then started working on planning all the resources their allocations. Blank forms, empty pages, schedules etc. Text size must be 12 with 1. Brick work around the raised portion begun. Then justify your decision with reasons. Exceptional Training Reports Copies of training reports judged exceptionally good would be keeping at the library of Faculty of Engineering, University of Ruhuna for future reference.

Officers attached to the training organization; 2. By the time the student is assigned, the concreting of the second floor may be in progress.

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Erected the Steel Components for ground floor area A1. Charts and diagrams are both called figures. Perform basic validation using PHP and passed value from one page to another page using GET and POST functions, in order to perform and use this super global array functions of php I made a Login form and i used the concept of get and post functions in that. The industrial training period has been decided with the following aims; 1. Laying of RCC column footings begun for 20 more. Permanent Address The contract will be registered at NAITA and copies of registered contract will be sent back to employer and apprentice. Should use the same font and font size Times New Roman with font size 20 when preparing this page. Presentation and Interview — Carries total of 50 marks. Hence all students on training are advised to strictly follow the specified format given below. The knowledge we are gaining throughout our studies have the practical implementation during this period. Left margin should be 3. While steel reinforcements are still being tied in some remaining portions. It would also help them to relate the theoretical concepts learnt at the University to the industrial applications in the field.
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Daily Diary of Six Months Industrial Training