How to write a one page project brief

simple project brief template

Why is this project being undertaken? Is there a project sponsor? Is there a clear picture of the outcome of this project?

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Project Documentation With the documentation capability of SharePoint, centralized project document storage is now very easy to achieve. At a minimum, a project plan answers basic questions about the project: What are the major deliverables?

how to write a one page project brief

Who is funding this project and are there enough funds? The project brief example below shows you how to present all of the important information in an easy-to-read and digestible format. Have the success factors been identified?

Architecture project brief example

Is the project aligned with organizational goals? Look at it this way: Your plan should educate any reviewer—coworkers and clients included—on the logistics of the project. Do your best to document the information you have so you can account for it in your plan. Is there a clear picture of the outcome of this project? Download our free project brief template here. Once work begins, you can use the project brief to help prevent scope creep and guide decisions all the way to completion. Has the expected change impact on people, processes, and systems been identified and documented?
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