How to write a review of a comic book

I've seen reviews that credit the inker with color choices, I guess somehow assuming "colored inks" were used. There are also many people out there who identify too closely with the published work. How that story is told is a combined effort by the writer and art team.

But a graphic novel is in a genre of literature that combines text with illustrations. But that's still no excuse to not do the job properly, to not do your homework, or to not know the proper terminology.

People are often doing reviews because they love the medium, or maybe for some free comics. Even an old Spider-Man comic from the s has a theme; all stories do.

How to write a review of a comic book

I just found it at my local library and was captivated. That's what a fourth grader writes as a book report. We love to make it easy for you! Why Review? Because now that comics have infiltrated the mainstream book trade and the reading lists of grownups in the form of graphic novels, memoirs, and trade collections, an increasing number of critics are faced with the task of reviewing the damn things. Every medium has its anarchists, and being able to recognize that intention is a valuable critical skill. Online reviews should not go on longer than the reader wants to scroll. The comic should be reviewed as it exists, not compared to the hypothetical comic that exists only in the reviewer's mind.

Ask questions of the story. Now go forth, to love and serve good books!

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Kneece has taught comic book writing at the Savannah College of Design for over two decades and his expertise and experience shows.

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How Not To Write Comics Criticism