How to write a view in sql server 2008

When querying through a view, the Database Engine checks to make sure that all the database objects referenced anywhere in the statement exist and that they are valid in the context of the statement, and that data modification statements do not violate any data integrity rules.

create view with parameter in sql server

SalesTerritoryKey ; See Also. Note The preferred method for partitioning data local to one server is through partitioned tables. It cannot be a computed, identity, default, or timestamp column. For more information, see Modify Data Through a View.

Remarks A view can be created only in the current database.

sql view vs table

Person p ON p. Any columns in remote tables of type smallmoney that are referenced in a partitioned view are mapped as money.

Create or replace view sql server

We read every item of feedback about SQL, typically the next day. LastName, e. The view could be created for the person in charge of tracking work anniversaries but without giving this person access to all the data in these tables. The constraints should be in an enabled and trusted state for them to meet the previously mentioned conditions of the partitioning column. For more information, see Partitioned Tables and Indexes. Otherwise, the Database Engine raises an error. A simple view is helpful when a combination of columns is queried frequently. The columns being modified in the view must directly reference the underlying data in the table columns.

A view can have a maximum of 1, columns. BusinessEntityID, e.

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Concept of View in SQL Server