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The way in which people are managed within organizations need to be aligned with the strategy of the business. The researcher will use purposeful sampling to select the interviewee the choice of this strategy is intended to ensure to select interviewee with experience in the field of HR. The survey contributes to organizational performance improvement by: 1. Society For Human Resource Management, 56 12 , Creswell, John, W. Internal Business: Shows where we must excel internally to succeed in accomplishing our mission. According to Creswell , phenomenological study focuses on describing what all participants have in common, as they experience a phenomenon. Furthermore, business leaders and HR professionals can apply the concept of this study for their business practice. Human Resource Planning. Khatri, B.

International Journal of Research in Social Sciences, 3 4. Bibliography Kaplan, R. To calculate the return on investment in an HRM program 5. Journal of Strategic Human Resource Management, 2 1.

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The data collection process of this study used the interviews of two line managers who are in a business leader role. Cycle time, quality, employee skills, and productivity are examples of internal measures.

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International Journal of Management Research and Review, 2 10 Literature Review Human Resource Department is a critical component of employee well — being in any business. Human resource professionals are moving towards a more strategic role today whereby they play a main role in devising strategies for the company together with other top level managers.

In addition, HR role has changed from administrative services to business partner, and that the newest view that is less developed in most corporations is that of a strategic partner. They need to transform their roles, activities, and responsibilities to be more of a strategic business partner to add value to the organization.

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HR responsibilities include payroll, benefits, hiring, firing, and keeping up to date with state and federal tax law.

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The contribution of e‐HRM to HRM effectiveness