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How IKEA has made it possible is through a key competitive advantage. Introduction 3, 4 2. Every country has ban deforestation and how they do their furniture business from those barriers.

Producing product with good quality and having low price by reducing production costs are easy to have but both of them at the same time is not easy.

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Cultural differences can make big problem multinational companies. Consumers will prefer to other higher quality home ware brands to upgrade their life style.

Porters generic strategies examples

They aim that all suppliers and transport service providers to comply with the requirements in IWAY. IKEA achieve cost leadership strategy by forcing down costs and maintaining costs which make profit increase. Competitive rivalry is high although threat of substitute products and new entrants are low condition. Having factories in developing countries have advantages for IKEA cost leadership strategy. For example, as a country's economy is reforming and opening up policy in Myanmar, there does not have strict laws and regulations on labours and others. Although economic size is quite big, there have low capital per income in India. In Japan and Germany, there have aging population and less likely to buy modern furniture Mamady, Other focus areas are customer service and marketing that have helped it build customer loyalty. Each country has attractions which are not same types. Putting to the shopping list in application make easy to remember when they are buying. IKEA have two strong strengths- products are stylish and reasonable prices Malmo, Customers can get detailed information of the products through the internet.

There have no different between with manager and basic employees. They also accompany to prevent child labour. For store location, they have to rent land from Chinese government by joining local partner according to Chinese government policy Josson, Doing business always have to watch market needs to compete in each respective industry.

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