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If he was in a room with twenty people, and they were talking, if you asked an observer who struck you as odd it would have been Nash. He resigned his position as a member of the MIT mathematics faculty in the spring of [9] and his wife had him admitted to McLean Hospital for treatment of schizophrenia that same year. For example, a non-Zoroastrian could think of Zarathustra as simply a madman who led millions of naive followers to adopt a cult of ritual fire worship. Bell and I remember succeeding in proving the classic Fermat theorem about an integer multiplied by itself p times where p is a prime. Kuhn said of Dr. In , while studying for his doctorate, he wrote a paper which 45 years later was to win a Nobel prize for economics. One student immediately dropped the course!

There were more hospitalizations. Learn More in these related Britannica articles:. Others, mainly those outside of Princeton, simply assumed that he was dead. On a dare, he developed an entirely original approach to a longstanding problem in differential geometry, showing that abstract geometric spaces called Riemannian manifolds could be squished into arbitrarily small pieces of Euclidean space.

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If he thought the question was foolish he wouldn't answer at all. After a couple of years Johnny had a sister when Martha was born.

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Correction: May 24, An earlier version of this obituary misidentified the poet with whom Dr. Nash Jr. Moore instructor in the mathematics faculty. She found in Nash someone who was even less experienced than she was and found that attractive. John Nash, tall and good-looking, became known for his intellectual arrogance, his odd habits — he paced the halls, walked off in the middle of conversations and whistled incessantly — and his fierce ambition, his colleagues have recalled. The book [ 2 ] is highly recommended for its moving account of Nash's mental sufferings. He spent most of the evening curled up, like the baby he was dressed as, on his wife's lap. The film centered on his influential work in game theory, which was the subject of his Princeton doctoral thesis and the work for which he received the Nobel Prize in economics. The important thing is not to stop questioning. Thus further time passed.

Nash solved. As a child, John Nash may have been a prodigy, but he was not a sterling student, Ms.

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A lot of us would discount what Nash said. By this time he had been accepted into the mathematics programme at Harvard, Princeton, Chicago and Michigan. He had no affect. He shared the prize with John C. He did not consider a career in mathematics at this time, however, which is not surprising since it was an unusual profession. He advanced views in evolutionary psychology about the value of human diversity and the potential benefits of apparently nonstandard behaviors or roles. Physically he was strong and this saved him from being bullied, but his fellow students took delight in making fun of Nash who they saw as an awkward immature person displaying childish tantrums. His achievements were the more remarkable, colleagues said, for being presented in papers published before he was He worked there from time to time over the next few years as the Corporation tried to apply game theory to military and diplomatic strategy. He taught math at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and worked for the RAND Corporation, but his paranoid schizophrenia negatively affected his career for more than two decades. He wouldn't look at you. Tucker wrote a letter to me encouraging me to come to Princeton and from the family point of view it seemed attractive that geographically Princeton was much nearer to Bluefield.

The book [ 2 ] is highly recommended for its moving account of Nash's mental sufferings. In one he solved an intractable problem in differential geometry derived from the work of the 19th century mathematician G. Only gradually on his own did he "intellectually reject" some of the "delusionally influenced" and "politically oriented" thinking as a waste of effort.

He also developed an equilibrium theory known as the Nash Equilibrium of which the prisoner's dilemma is a well-known example.

But after one semester as a chem.

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