Lifebuoy customer and market analysis

So the packaging in the smaller units and lower price packs to increase their affordability.

Lifebuoy customer and market analysis

Product It describes the product in detail, which includes its special features and how it will benefit to the consumer. Marketing strategy can help to not only define the business goals but also help to develop the activities to achieve them. This is the time were the product will come up with the different flavour or it will increases the product range. Today it is one of the top selling soaps in India and known distinctively for its red coloured hard brick-like shape. New lifebuoy is now not only targeting the male consumers but also families with the goal that lifebuoy helps to protect them from germs and makes life healthier. Lifebuoy is in its maturity stage on the product life cycle, where it requires the changes. Learn more by visiting us at: Contact us:. Lifebuoy is trying to match the price with the smaller players. As opportunities to move up the value chain present themselves Lifebuoy has been quick to capitalise. Lifebuoy has used the strong network established by HUL and grown by leaps and bounds and spread its products via a chain of wholesalers, dealers, and retailers. Shripad Nadkarni, founder, MarketGate believes there are several pieces to the transformation - moving from young adult males to housewives, and from functional to elegant packaging. There are mainly four stages of the every product. Not only does the extension suffer it hits the core value as well. India is the major market for the lifebuoy.

Pssst… we can write an original essay just for you. Lifebuoy needed to reposition itself on quality rather than price. Lifebuoy is one of the old products of Unilever which has more than years of successful journey, we 43 can simply say that Lifebuoy is the early entrants internationally and in India it is the first-in in its kind of soaps.

Mills,p Some of the points of internal analysis are as follow: 1.

lifebuoy revenue

Lifebuoy has adopted several extensive marketing plans to promote its products in global markets. It has launched ad campaigns on television, radio, magazines, newspapers, billboards and online media. Such as many competitors will enter in to the market with the same concept such as Dettol launched the antiseptic soap.

For the upper end consumer the lifebuoy international range and which is used as the deodorants. And getting more benefit from rural area company has appointed the sub stockist in the rural area to reach the every consumer.

Any subject. Sitapati is clear that the brand will be working for a year - possibly longer - with the village panchayat and via school contact programmes. The sales will increase of the product.

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