Lost time is never found again essay

By being late? Are you lazy? This life really is amazing and you only get one of them.

lost time is never found again translation

Time is lost, nothing profitable is done, and you still feel worn out. You need to take chances and try new things.

Lost time is never found again story

Do you wake up, eat the same breakfast, go to the same job, see the same people and do the same thing every single day? Time is unforgiving. I won't be long. Either way, this is your life. Never lose time doing unnecessary things or escaping from the truth because instead of it you can do better deeds. Time is the ultimate judge. Learn to step away from the hustle and bustle and just live. Those of us that maintain a full time job know very well that we trade our time weekly in exchange for money. This is particularly perceived in the morning, when even a minute delay can lead to my missing the bus and being late for school. All we can control is where we choose to invest…. You will reduce multiple trips, last minute fire drills, and extra work. Think about it. People always have somewhere to be, something to be early or late too.

You improve and create new things in your world. And in this way, we are not able to say whether time is money or not.

lost time is not found again

It is how we choose to spend our time that differs. Franklin was famous for sayings like these.

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Lost Time is Never Found Again