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Please feel free to choose ONE of the following 5 optional responses. I think the best possible financial aid system might be one that looks exclusively to post-grad earnings, and generously assists the lowest earners. Optional Statement on Diversity: Describe an experience of yours that speaks to the possibilities and challenges of diversity in an educational or a workplace setting.

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What you do or say is entirely up to you. Having a network in place accomplishes a few different things. But—I am sure that not all law schools are the beneficiaries of such clear guidance from their parent institutions.

Yet I've read that a "why Michigan essay" is essentially mandatory, not to mention my dad went to architecture school there and my uncle to their med school.

Selection criteria include strong academic indicators LSAT score and undergraduate cumulative gpa and significant achievements in the fields of public interest or government service.

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The application is a requirement to be considered for the program. We do not have a checklist of attributes; we would like for you to tell us what you believe is different and most important for us to know.

If this makes you nervous though, you could always submit those 2 essays you want to submit, and then email their office with your addendum. An offshoot of that seems to have been greater willingness to see the merit in candidates with split scores.

But they probably do.

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Personal Statement and Optional Essays