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Starting from the Prime Minister down to the layman in the street, everybody is involved in corrupt practices.

I dream of India where the ministers are dedicated wholly and solely towards the development of the country and its citizens.

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Technological Advancement While India has seen a lot of growth and advancement in the field of science and technology, it still requires working harder in this sphere. There will be an atmosphere of equality, brotherhood and freedom all over the country. India of my dreams would be a place where people are not discriminated based on their caste, creed or religion. There should be mass education and need-based education system to turn the human-population into human resources. The opportunities are either limited or do not pay enough to the deserving candidates. India of My Dreams Essay to words The India of my dreams would be a stable country without any factions in social life. Nobody would allow dying starvation. I dream of a place where women are respected and are seen equal to men. I dream of India that offers good employment opportunities to deserving individuals and together all work towards the further technological advancement of the country. New technology would be developed so that toxic fumes and effluents from motor-vehicles and factories are reduced to a minimum. Our country will have friendly relations with its neighbors. Our nation is a great development country by their talent and capability.

Every eligible person would have a job according to his aptitude and ability. India in My dream Essay That was the dream of Tagore.

No one would cry out for food. In the land of my dreams, there would be a drive for mass education, and nobody would be left illiterate.

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The beggar system of India should remove for proper development of the Indian society. But alas! Our farmers would be given every encouragement to grow more food grains and cash crops and make the country self-reliant in production.

We can buy peace only when we are very strong. India of My Dreams Essay 1 words India enjoys a rich cultural heritage.

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The industrialisation will create a good number of jobs and help us solve the unemployment problem. India of my dreams would be a place where people are not discriminated based on their caste, creed or religion. It is sad to see how genius minds from the country fly abroad to seek employment opportunities and contribute to the technological and industrial advancements of those countries rather than contributing to the development of their own country. India was once called the golden sparrow because of the prosperity it enjoyed. I also want India to see advancements in the field of science, technology, agriculture and education in the times to come. Excellent transport and communication facilities will develop our trade and commerce and put our economy on a sound footing. India of My Dreams Essay 4 words India of my dreams would be a country where freedom of equality is enjoyed in its true sense. People are also looked down upon because of their caste and religious preferences in many parts of the country. With the spread of education, check on the rising population would, naturally, follow. Our India should be the corruption free nation. Girls are not encouraged to go for higher studies. She would able to export agricultural products to other countries and thus earn a lot of foreign coins. Everyone would have a proper house to live in. India should always stand on the top in every field. In India, there are rich, culture heritage, old civilization and vast knowledge in every aspect of life.

We should produce everything from our need. Our India should be the corruption free nation.

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There will be discipline, peace and happiness. The industrial products would be sent to other countries, and this will make our economy sound. India of My Dreams Essay 3 words India takes pride in being home to people belonging to different castes, creeds and religions. Here are some of the areas that we need to work on in order to make it an ideal nation: Poverty There is a lot of economic disparity in the country. It declared in the human rights. It has also seen a boom in various industries over the past few decades. We have provided useful essays on India of My Dreams. The beggar system of India should remove for proper development of the Indian society. It would be a place free from all kinds of crime and exploitation.

However, there is still a lot of scope for improvement.

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