Negotiating on thin ice the 2004 2005 nhl dispute

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Analyze whether the parties are effectively tackling these barriers? Secret meeting between Saskin and Daly was also a step to tackle the negotiation barriers.

On request of their director, both parties met with U. As more business investors are inclining to invest in some teams, star players on the contrary are clamoring their professional status in terms of uniform salary pay and benefits.

Therefore, he didnt have a good image in front of union. With these observations, NHL rules of the game both in and off court must be ratified. So on February 11, , NHL engaged other parties like owners of the teams, GMs and coaches hoping that this will break the deadlock. This is a fact that ice hockey is rough game and physical injuries are quite common. However as a whole the game was losing its fans and both parties were at loss. Meanwhile NHL allowed other parties to use their sports arenas for other activities was threatening move as this shows that they can earn money elsewhere if players dont go along with NHL. These similarities in both parties leaders shaped their rigid thinking, strong positions and unaffectionate behavior which as a whole made the negotiation complex and prolonged.

Sports players usually have an emotional bond with their fans but even then NHLPA overlooked the poll results that revealed the fans concerns regarding leagues financial standing.

Though, Bettman and Goodenow were not present but at least both parties came to one platform to avoid further stalemate in the negotiation.

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At this occasion also players doubted that whether he was provided with all relevant data or not. This is a fact that ice hockey is rough game and physical injuries are quite common. A series of events as mentioned above and in the case show how distrust halted the players to accept leagues proposal.

Indeed, players and sport agents are catching up the maturity stage of the business were by each player and their agent can maximize profit not only from the leagues income but also from the product endorsements.

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