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My research interests: Experiential learning, Serious games, gaming and learning, Information Literacy, Learning assessment, e-learning, Digital Humanities, Virtual reality, Digital archives, Augmented reality, Museum studies, Human computer interaction, Art and computers.

Why publish with Open Access? Other people want to read yours! The project was financed by the National Library of Norway and established a paradigm shift in reading a book, many publications and three master thesis.

When you submit the digital copy of your master thesis you need to confirm that you accept that the thesis will be available online in NTNU Open. The project generated a national network on using digital readers read more in my blog and a film about the digital library by the library for the TNU University.

If you use an internet link to refer to a source in NTNU Open, the link must go to information about the master thesis you are referencing, not to the pdf file with the actual thesis.

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This project investigates dissemination strategies through technological applications for Museum and libraries in order to support educational activities and learning.

Two in Digital Humanities and one in History of Chemistry.

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