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The data collected from such a group usually contain several contradictions and ambiguities.

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Each function can be characterized by the input data, the processing required on the input data and the output data to be produced. The feasibility study activity involve the analysis of the problem and collecting relevant information relating to the product such as different items which would be required in the processing by the system.

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And also in existing system, 4 Event Management: The events section will offer a maximum work goes on manually and it is error prone user-friendly environment for facility scheduling system, it takes time for any changes in the system. Benefits are found to be more than costs, thus it is decided to develop new system. Student notification through SMS about any upcoming events or job has to stand in queue to collect the revaluation form, fill the opportunities so that users of our system will aware of all form and then again stand in queue for submitting the form. Alumni have to provide a valid registration no. As a part of this project following things will be activities and facilities provided by their college. In the entire process, lot login to portal. The examiner will This provides advertising for the vacancy in again recheck the paper and depending on whether marks addition to the existing measures the university has increased or not he will approve or reject the request. Keeping all the above said problems in mind, we decided to develop such a system which makes the entire All rights reserved by www. After all ambiguities, inconsistencies and incompleteness has been resolved and all the requirements properly understood, the requirement specification starts. General user can not register because he have to provide a registration no that is authenticated by the administrator.

Alumni of universities, colleges, schools especially independent schoolsfraternities, and sororities often form groups with alumni from the same organization. There is only one Admin who handles all the information of the alumni website. Alumni functions can also be organized smoothly.

Online alumni system project report in

New events can be edited and uploaded. The basic details are filled up by the admin. Alumni associations are mainly organized around universities or departments of universities, but may also be organized among students that studied in a certain country. As a part of this project following things will be activities and facilities provided by their college.

An official seeking information about any student for any official work will be easy.

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In addition to this clerk and examiner will website where it is possible to search for jobs and also receive a SMS regarding the revaluation request.

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PHP and MySQL Project on Alumni Information System