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I feel like BestEssays. It allows two different computers to communicate well even if they use different codes. Except now it'sand fellow programmers are still writing long screeds bemoaning the awfulness of PHP!

Type the following combined feedback for any partially correct response: Good try. Make sure that you click on the 'Save' button when you have finished making comments or changing a grade. This is an actual photo of a real world, honest to God double-clawed hammer. As presciently noted by Alex Papadimoulis : A client has asked me to build and install a custom shelving system. The fireworks were amazing. Moreover, you can now test your patterns right in the IDE! And also, perhaps, a little disturbing? Note: A newer version of this plugin is currently May being developed that will let you choose whether you want to match full words only and whether the match is case-insensitive. Answer: It is an automated feature of PHP.

Sometimes it is a quiet experience, drawn from everyday life. And it's a crying shame none of them ever had the opportunity to work on PHP.

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It supports multiple databases. Answer: getimagesize — It is used to get the image size. And also, perhaps, a little disturbing? You're probably not smart enough to figure it out. See the changes instantly in the browser thanks to Live Edit. Make sure to check the students' responses and make comments or change grades if needed: When the students have taken the quiz, look at the 'Attempts' link and check them one student at a time, one question at a time, by clicking on the 'Review attempt' link. See the auto-grade magic: Notice that three targets phrases were correctly identified, but one was missed by the student: See how the glossary of common errors correctly recognized several common errors. From what I've seen of it, PHP isn't so much a language as a random collection of arbitrary stuff, a virtual explosion at the keyword and function factory. Therefore, I'd like to submit a humble suggestion to my fellow programmers. One is a string and one is a number. PHP is a weakly typed or loosely typed language. Answer: The way by which PHP can assign a particular data type for any variable is called typecasting. Another can sing all the songs the Beatles ever wrote. Answer: Both echo and print method print the output in the browser but there is a difference between these two methods. Have you ever wondered what a visitor from an earlier time would make of our world today?

Guess what? When the teacher manually checks all the student responses later, the teacher must identify these nonsensical and other errors, add them to the 'Common errors' glossary, and regrade the quiz. PHP is horrible, but it's used everywhere.

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