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When financial troubles started in the early years, the Akalis approached two interested potential buyers from the nationalist movement.

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Fort Nightly 3. In two years Panikkar could not take the print order any higher than 3, Panikkar was its first editor with Devdas Gandhi son of Mahatma Gandhi on the editor's panel. He exerted himself strenuously, but the paper made very little headway.

And the punch line for Mohali live also show a emotional appeal Mohali live publish on every Thursday and attached with HT free of cost and the commercial houses where HT is not issuing there only Mohali live delivered free of cost.

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II Certainty of new demand. The growth in the circulation of newspapers in the country results in the overall economic prosperity of the country, elevating it to higher levels.

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HT Circulation: Based on the readership survey of Mohali on Through the basic purpose of advertising is to bring the advertised product as well as the feature and use of the notice of the consumer. Even in those markets, as salespeople develop better skills, they may increase the ad revenues that will help fund an improved news product. Chanchal Singh Jandiala, Jullundur were made in charge of the newspaper. In my study is also not free from limitations because- TO ERR IS HUMAN Although, I tried my best to control the extraneous variables is my research process them also I was subjected to certain limitations of this project are The sample size is very small in compression to actual advertisers. Supporters have argued that it will help save daily newspapers from irrelevance and, perhaps, extinction. There are numerous media of advertising available to the modern advertisers. Leadership through quality and innovation is the hallmark of the Hindustan Times Limited. Observation Method When we look at the phenomenon with some objective it is called observation. It contained writings and articles from C.

They also have asked reporters and editors to shape content to more closely conform to those reader interests. By then the Akali movement appeared to lose steam and funds dried up. The negotiations are on and very soon the deal would be done.

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