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Indian online retail sector is now a direct fight between two American giants Walmart vs Amazon. With increasing integration of the Indian economy with the global economy arising from greater trade and capital flows, the foreign exchange market has evolved as a key segment of the Indian financial market and the RBI has an important role to play in regulating and managing this segment.

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This department also performs the function of giving important suggestion to finance corporation of states. Consequently, one more bill was put in the Indian Legislature on 8th September, which was passed on 22nd December, The RBI made use of the weapon of regulation of margin requirements to check bank advances against food grains, i. As the custodian of cash reserves of the commercial banks the RBI plays an important role in the control of credit created by the banks. E-literacy India has seen a growth in online education in the recent year. This scheme is being expanded gradually. One rupee notes now coins are issued by the finance ministry of the Government of India.

After this, there came much deterioration in customer services. Stretch your arms and fingers which are tired from the continuous writing. Their salaries are determined by the Central Management Board by the advice of the government of India. One is nominated from among the chairpersons of public sector banks and the other is an economist.

If these are not watched properly, these can spoil the economy. Non-Performing Asset is one of the most talked things in India from last 2 years.

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It also works for overall economic growth of the country. Modicare National healthcare protection scheme One of the highlight of budget was universal health scheme also called Modicare.

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Ten other directors are nominated by the government of India. Cheap Money Policy: The monetary policy of Reserve Bank has an important place in the economic development of the country. Regulator of the Banking System[ edit ] RBI has the responsibility of regulating the nation's financial system. The bank was set up based on the recommendations of the Royal Commission on Indian Currency and Finance, also known as the Hilton—Young Commission. The places where it does not have its branches, State Bank of India acts as its representative. Rationing of Credit: Under this method there is a maximum limit to loans and advances that can be made, which the commercial banks cannot exceed; 8. Agriculture and Rural Development: Since, its establishment Reserve Bank has been working properly for the agricultural and rural Development through a separate department. Upon Indira Gandhi's return to power in , a further six banks were nationalized. However, now the exchange rate of rupees is determined in the market on the basis of demand and supply but it is the task of Reserve Bank to maintain stability in it as far as possible. By , the basis of issuing notes in India was Proportional Reserve System. As the advisor, Reserve Bank of India gives advice to the government in its monetary, financial and economic functions and paves the way for making the policies of the government successful. Furthermore, you can submit your essays to us, and our team will give you personal feedback and necessary improvement tips. Thus, there was a dual control on the monetary system of the country. The Government of India appoints the directors for a four-year term.
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