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Expansion Capability Those SSOs that have been operating for a longer period of time all seem to be struggling with expansion questions.

shared services organization structure

Additionally, the SSO leaders of today have a more significant business background and are accustomed to developing and utilizing a strategic plan.

This information is also extremely useful in determining technology investment for the future. Standard processes, performed in a consolidated service center, reduce compliance risk and simplify internal and external auditing processes.

Shared services implementation roadmap

We encourage all SSOs, even those that are just in the implementation phase, to step back and take a deliberate approach to taking control of your own destiny. Share Introduction ScottMadden was engaged to evaluate and implement shared services for a top multinational defense, security, and aerospace company. Table 5: Migration Information. ScottMadden worked with the client to evaluate and implement shared services to enhance the delivery of finance services, decrease operating costs, and increase competitiveness. As the SSOs become experts for the company in compliance and risk management, executives are demanding that they take on more work because they provide comfort. How do we take on or get the work that still remains in the business unit work the business units were unwilling to give up the first time around but which belongs in a shared services environment? Can we get efficiencies by putting them together? The better-performing SSOs understand this continued challenge and have responded by leveraging the strategic plan to define its value, document its case and clearly communicate to its stakeholders.

Also, a number of government compliance requirements were an integral part of policies and processes. Karen Hilton. In fact, this is a critical element of the strategic plan.

Shared services implementation project plan

This has proven to be extremely useful for companies in acquisition mode that are trying to absorb the shared service work of the newly acquired company efficiently. Expansion Capability Those SSOs that have been operating for a longer period of time all seem to be struggling with expansion questions. Because defense industry spending was declining, cost management had become a priority, and the client was interested in identifying opportunities to reduce operating costs. As a result, the company has realized the following benefits: Harmonized policies and processes enable consistent and accurate service delivery and allow the company to leverage its scale. Common Themes Coming From the Strategy Sessions When we reflect upon the strategy work we've managed in recent years, there are a couple of basic themes that emerge for operating successful SSOs. When to do what, with whom, and with what technology are key components of a strategic plan. As we assist in planning and facilitating these sessions, it certainly sends a message that SSOs are in place long-term! We believe it is imperative for the SSO to be focused and take control of its destiny.

Balance of Cost and Quality The challenge of balancing the cost of service with the quality of service is a dilemma that every business operation faces.

He specializes in linking internal shared services delivery systems to corporate strategies and goals.

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Strategic Planning for Shared Services