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Get Essay Emphasis on the individual, 2. I also believe that Shelley may have used nature as a source of information and sarcasm.

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What we hold dear to us and what we believe as people can strongly adjust how we interpret readings from this time. Inspired by sights of mountains and water, plants and sky, moon and stars, friends and loved ones, the poet sought to capture the fleeting spirit that, like occult, inconstant, breath, influences all life but only now and then.

I called on poisonous names with which our youth is fed.

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There were economical, societal, and monarch changes in the world. If only. He feels people are like sheep and follow what they are supposed to believe and do. And this at a time when it was positively dangerous to be a democrat and culturally controversial to be an atheist.

Reverence for the imagination. I believe "Hymn to Intellectual Beauty" is a perfect example of that. In this ode, Shelley focused on invisible beauty. Stanza 3 : some sublimer In stanza 3 it says, "Therefore the names of God and ghosts and Heaven, remain the records of their vain endeavour". Stanza 7 : Invocation of spirit's power for personal and universal need. The author uses the dramatic tone to make the reader understand the pain reflected in the work. The aspect of nature used in this poem ads to the dramatic interpretation.
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Analysis of Poem "Hymn to Intellectual Beauty" by Percy Bysshe Shelley