Slogan for petrol

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Automatic Data Processing: The Business behind business. Olaf Marin, spokesman for Esso, which is the international trade name for ExxonMobil, said the advertising company that devised the campaign were evidently ignorant of the phrase's historical significance. Enterprise Inc. Bancorp: All of US serving you. Entergy Corp. How can you possibly smell better than yourself? Unbeatable Price. Volkswagen — Relieves Gas Pains 9. De Beers — A diamond is forever Weyerhaeuser Corp. Both demographics, men and women, are typecast and put into boxes by this one awful slogan. But we can't do it alone. Pepper Ten. It doesn't work that way.

What is a Slogan? DaVita Inc. Open minds. We don't survive on clicks. This is the world we cover.

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Nike — Just do it Apple — Think Different 3. UPS — What can brown do for you?

Slogan for petrol

Energizer — It keeps going… and going… and going Zoetis: For Animals, For Health.

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