Songs on overcoming obstacles

songs about not giving up on love

They overcome obstacles. This optimistic song has the following famous refrain that is reassuring to anyone going through a rough patch: Don't stop, thinking about tomorrow Don't stop, it'll soon be here It'll be, better than before Yesterday's gone, yesterday's gone.

Even detractors have to give them that. No, Captain Chunk! The chorus is about the people who stick by you even in your hard times.

Songs about not giving up on life

I realize that many of these songs could be interpreted as female singers singing about men and relationships or an implied significant other which, while empowering, may not necessarily be equally relatable to both men and women or to people whose tough times are not related to their relationships. The young mother had faced a difficult year and wasn't paying attention to her driving when the car begins to spin out of control. Anyone trying to recover from a divorce or toxic romantic relationship should consult it for daily pick-me-up! A lot of people become defined by their struggles, rather than overcoming those struggles. Do you believe in yourself this much? The symbolism of the lyrics are great, because it is really uplifting to see someone bounce back so happily from bipolar disorder, bullimia, and drug and alcohol abuse. Can't you just let it be? But the song and its lyrics are so raw and real, it still helps my college self. I was really impacted by her admittance into rehab in There are a wide range of genres represented here. Sing them to the pains of your soul. The lyrics empowering message of being able to to overcome your problems, even when some of them do best you. The whole song is about how when someone is broken, the people they love will save them and help them. It made me realize how real mental illness is, and even though I was only 13 years old at the time, it floored me that one of my role models had struggled so much.

Grab that cape and go get 'em! Though the lyrics matter, the beat rises and falls in a very calming way and the beat makes you feel empowered, no matter how down in the dumps you may feel.

The song makes you feel like you can conquer any amount of bad times. The whole song is about getting past your hard times and being able to keep your head up and keep going.

Facing the aftermath of a broken relationship, she decides to go take it one day at a time.

Inspirational songs

This song, however, has a different tone than some of their other songs regarding hard times. Some use art, some use writing, some use music. Cover Image Credit: uhdwallpapers. This song just really helps you realize that it's okay to be more worried about yourself than others sometimes. Because music is a tool people use to reflect on the past and to help process their emotions, I've compiled this list of 51 songs about overcoming obstacles. In this Grammy-nominated hit, she celebrates her transformation from a spineless pushover to a gutsy broad who is ready to tackle any challenge. The young mother had faced a difficult year and wasn't paying attention to her driving when the car begins to spin out of control. These songs will keep you fighting and remind you of the resilience that lies within you.

Sing to whatever you need to in order to overcome those challenges and go forward. See results

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Songs About Survival and Perseverance in the Face of Challenge